| Famous Quotation #147 |

«Photography immortalizes a moment, which then becomes a symbol, a reference. Photography is universal language; it doesn’t need translation. Its collective memory is a mirror in which our society continually observes itself.»

— Sebastiao Salgado


3 responses to “| Famous Quotation #147 |

    • Salgado refers to photography as a way to captivate the moment, to capture time. In my opinion, he sees photographs as artifacts that all people in the world may understand despite the differences and the cultural gaps. This gives people the chance to be able to see and grasp humanity in its every occurrence again and again, which is something more than just a sterile recording of history and which, definitely, includes art, as well. I hope I made my point clear. Of course, every point of view is more than welcome and acceptable· I was glad to read your opinion. Thank you for your comment.

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