| xϱώμα Χϱιστουɣέννων |

Hey, you guys, don’t you just love Christmas— holiday time? I told you I am going to teach how to make a homemade holiday Christmassy wreath using pages from a book.

First, find your book. Something about this makes me feel very guilty, but in the past I used to hate this book (it’s a university textbook on financial accounting- I am not an accountant, I am an economist) so I don’t feel so bad about riping it apart.

Step 1: Remove those pages
The first thing you have to do is to rip it apart from the spine. Remove from the spine the pages, as close to the spine as you can. Cut the thread or binding and take it apart from the spine. Take the pages and set them aside. Remember to take about 120 pages of your book.

Step 2: Slim & Trim
Take the pages apart and cut their edges- until you get blisters [just kidding]. Take your pile of pages, split each group into smaller sections and cut of the rough edge of those pages. On this point, I have to apologise to accounting.

But, wait a moment… this is where the fun begins.

Step 3: Creating the cones
Take each page, roll it, tape it and staple it.
This is how you do it; put your finger on the corner of the page and roll it towards you.

Roll, roll and roll it until you pass out.


Step 4: Stapling the cones
Here’s what you are going to do next. You are going to take the cones you made, lay them flat, make sure that the point is up and bend it just enough to place it in a stapler. Staple it about one inch away from the tip of the cone. Do that to all of your cones, all 120 of them. [yeap, I know]

Step 5: Creating the backboard
Next step you are supposed to take a foam core* [or aything you think that is strong enough to hold your pages, such as the cover of a shoes box for example] make an 8 inch, a 4 inch circle and a dot in the middle. Don’t forget to mark your circles at 9, 12, 3 and 6 o’ clock.

* just to have an idea of its size, it’s about 16” width and 12” height

Step 6: Gluing down the cones
Now you take a hot glue gun/ a simple paper glue or even your stapler and you start gluing your cones right where their staples is, straight on that line. You should start with the 9, 12, 3 and 6 o’ clock marks. Just make sure that your board on the background doesn’t show through. Glue them on the outer, then on the inner circle and afterwards fill in the rest of the wreath with cones.

Step 7: Adding bling to the center
Now fill the center with some balls and ornaments [whatever colour and shape you like- purple is my favourite] and this will make the difference, it is going to give your wreath something extra special.

It will turn out what you see in the picture- or even better. I think it’s really cool. I would highly recommend that you go and watch Jenna DeAngeles video on how you do this. She made a great video. See the original, I don’t, by no means, get any credit for this. It was just a fun project I wanted to share with you.


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