| habent sua fata libelli |

They say just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting for you at the end of a long day makes your day happier and bearable. But what do they say when your mind is occupied throughout the day with that book you are currently reading? When your only wish is to Get Back In Your Book, but unfortunately you are forced to put it down in order to do, you know, the things you have to do… Well, I am pretty sure the photographer wanted to describe what I want, feel and think when I don’t want to stop reading, but life forces me to. Actually, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this first.

Παϱαφϱάzοντας τη λατινιϰή ϱήση ɣια τη μοίϱα των ϐιϐλίων ϑα μποϱούσαμε να πούμε «έxουν τη διϰή τους μοίϱα οι φωτοɣϱαφίες». Η Lissy Elle Laricchia συνδυάzει δυο μεɣάλες αɣάπες· τις φωτοɣϱαφίες ϰαι τα ϐιϐλία. Απολαύστε τις— ϰάπως έτσι είμαι κι εɣώ στο μυαλό μου, όταν ενώ ϑέλω να διαϐάσω, αναɣϰάzομαι να… zήσω.


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