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Lately, I’ve seen this survey on my most favourite facebook page in the entire… universe· one admittedly creative survey about books that totally caught my attention. Therefore, I decided to give it a try. Why not? I know, prima facie, it has nothing to do with pictures, but in this wp-log we are alternative. I don’t usually «do» surveys, but now I am presenting to you the one, the fully-completed-with-a-picture-for-every-single-question, from A to Z book survey. If you have a minute, take a look…

✒ ᗩuthor You’ve Read The Most Books From
Howard Phillips Lovecraft· who else? Those eerie, frightening to the bone, grotesque stories keep you up all night long.


✒ ᗷest Sequel Ever
The Lord of the Rings, the third and last part, The Return of the King.  If you read it, you would know. Nothing more to add.


✒ ᙅurrently Reading
Leonie Swann’s Glennkill. It seems descent and hilariously noir.


✒ ᗪrink of Choice While Reading
Tea, tea &… tea, again! (someone, somewhere, once said I consist of tea, and nothing but tea)

Flavoured Black; London Earl Grey, petals of bluet, orange and lemon peels.


✒ ᕮ-reader or Physical Book
Easy one. I don’t usually read on-the-run. In my opinion, you have to give your full concentration and consciousness to what you read, from a magazine to an opus magnum. We are talking about a person’s struggle to express their feelings, points and thoughts and this, my friends, deserves respect.  I used an e-reader when I was at university, during some boring classes (there you go, I admit my felony), but now I am only into physical books. I can’t get in the mood, if there isn’t this «intoxicating» smell of paper in the air. (I have my brain damaged, I need my eyes intact)


✒ ℱictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated In High School
Blank [nobody, ever, simple as that]


✒ Glad You Gave This Book A Chance
«On Love and Death» written by Patrick Süskind. I thought about dropping out on the first pages, but I changed my mind. And (God saw) it was good.


✒ ℋidden Gem Book
The little prince. I am sleeping with it near me, I see myself reading it to my daughter every night in the future. Usually I don’t cry over books (nor movies) but I feel like it every time LP leaves earth, every time (though, I still don’t). Now, the most annoying and alarming thing is that, in fact, I am totally convinced— and this is quite emotionalμπλιαx— that AS Exupéry found his little prince on that last journey from which he never came back and followed him to his planet (I told you, books brain-damage me… and I enjoy it).


✒ ℑmportant Moment in your Reading Life
Exploring open, swapping bookshelfs all over Athens and especially finding one, outdoor and swapping, where I live (that was quite a surprise).


✒ ʝust Finished
Don Quixote de la Mancha, exciting and hugely enjoyable.


✒ Ƙinds of Books You Won’t Read
Hysterical… em, I am sorry, I meant, historical literature. If I wanted events and dates, I would go through encyclopedias, ok? Dash, ended.


✒ ℒongest Book You’ve Read
The miserables,  a 2-volume edition· 1189 pages


✒ ᗰajor book hangover because of
… the sound and the fury. I wanted to bang my head against a wall until growing accustomed to Faulkner’s technique. They say his characters’ unadorned thoughts are conveyed in a manner roughly equivalent to the way our minds actually work. I just say the sound and the… blurry.


✒ ℵumber of Bookcases You Own
Just a minute, book stacks don’t count as bookcases. So, I only have two bookcases and some piles of books on my nightstands.


✒ Ѻne Book You Have Read Multiple Times
The Fifth Mountain, written by Coelho. I fell for this book. If I read it one more time, I will be ready to deliver it by heart. (Keep in mind, I never ever read multiple times the same book)


✒ ᖘreferred Place To Read
I love reading in bed…


✒ Ⴓuote that inspires you/gives you all the feels from a book you’ve read

It´s going to be «all greek» to you…!

«Αν είxαμε δυο zωές, δε ϑα σϰεφτόμουν ποτέ να ɣϱάψω τούτο το μυϑιστόϱημα. Δε ϑα ωφελούσε ούτε εσάς ούτε εμένα, ϑα zούσαμε την πϱώτη μας zωή σαν πϱόϐα, σαν δοϰιμή, ɣια να μάϑουμε να zήσουμε όπως ϑα ϑέλαμε τη δεύτεϱη. Αν πεϑαίναμε δύο φοϱές, είναι σxεδόν ϐέϐαιο ότι τη δεύτεϱη ϑα πεϑαίναμε ϰαλύτεϱα από την πϱώτη. Δυστυxώς δεν είναι έτσι. Η zωή μας είναι μόνο μία, ϰαι μάλιστα μιϰϱής διάϱϰειας. Αυτό το ϑέατϱο μποϱούμε να το παίƶουμε μόνο μία φοϱά. Χωϱίς πϱόϐα, xωϱίς δοϰιμή. Γι’ αυτό, πϱέπει να το παίƶουμε όσο ɣίνεται ϰαλύτεϱα ϰαι ɣια μας τους ίδιους ϰαι ɣια όσους αɣαπάμε.»

which means; If we had two lives to live, we would live our first one as a rehearsal, as a trial, in order to learn how to live the second. If we died twice, it is certain that the second would be a better time. Unfortunately, things aren’t like that. We only have one life to live- and it’s so brief. So we have to live it the best we can, for us and our beloved.


✒ ℛeading Regret
Milk-and-water romances. Especially, Jane Austen’s, insipid «Pride and Prejudice». I don’t detest every romance, just this one. It took me a HPL marathon to come round— so much for the global view I wanted to obtain by reading chick literature. The gain was;  I would never touch… forget, touch, never lay my eyes on it.


✒ ϟeries You Started and Need To Finish (all books are out in series)
I am not into any series, at the time being.

✒ Three of your All-Time Favourite Books
Das Parfum, Patrick Süskind
The Fall of the House of Usher, Edgar Allan Poe
The Maltese Falcon, Dashiell Hammett


✒ ᑌnapologetic Fangirl For
Never lending HPL’s or EAP’s books to anybody and being proud of it.


✒Very Excited For This Release
Just looking forward to Ohlsson’s new book next year. [no pictures until then, unfortunately]

✒ ᗯorst Bookish Habit
I am dog-earing my stop-pages, even when I have a bookmark. Always have and always will.


✒ ✕ Marks The Spot:
[Start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book]
Aha! The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald· what an addiction.


✒ ϒour latest book purchase
[constantly updating…] Seriously, go back to the currently reading question. I don’t want unfinished business. Buy it —> Read it. (After all, I am glad I cheated* on Jane Eyre)
*reading two books at the same period of time

✒ ☡z☡z☡-snatcher book
My most favourite habit is staying up late for another chapter, even if I have things to do the next morning. It’s such a productive time, so I don’t have any specific book to name. I do it with every single one of them. This is why I am proud of my wrinkles, caused by poor lighting.


ps·  I have to add an extra, though… Valuate one as the best character you ever met in a book. And the appraise goes to Dashiell Hammett’s Mr. Sam Spade, of The Maltese Falcon.


Go on & take the «test» yourself. Post it on your blog, t-log, wp-log, facebook profile or page, anywhere. If you like, post it below this article. I would love to know your opinion, with or without pictures.

Pay it forward.


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