| book ~ end #1 |

Don Quixote

«And I shall remain satisfied, and proud to have been the first who has ever enjoyed the fruit of his writings as fully as he could desire; for my desire has been no other than to deliver over to the detestation of mankind the false and foolish tales of the books of chivalry, which, thanks to that of my true Don Quixote, are even now tottering, and doubtless doomed to fall for ever. Farewell.»

— Don Quixote / Miguel de Cervantes

ps. The end of a book might be sad for some people, feeling separation anxiety and wanting the book to go on forever. However, I never was one of them.  Whilst the beginning of a book may get all the glory, it’s the ending that really stays with you, letting your mind and your heart wander beyond the borderline of the story itself. Therefore, I am starting a new (kind of) project with pictures/ epilogues of the books I have read and I am sharing  one of them with you, along with the book online and some info about the author, every month.


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